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The Bamboo Information Center of the Chinese Academy of Forestry has a number of publications about bamboo available. The following list is fairly recent, but it might be well to check with the Center before ordering. The address is:

Bamboo Information Centre
Chinese Academy of Forestry
Letter Box 101, Wan Shou Shan
Beijing 100091, China
Tel 258 2211 ext 702
Cable 83812
Fax (10) 258 2317

A list of available publications

Bamboo Abstracts
ISBN: 1001-585X
US$ 30.00 for 2 copies per year (English version)
Available: Vol. 1. 1988 -- Vol. 7. 1994
Directory of Chinese bamboo
Zheng Y. H. et al
ISBN: 981-00-3436-9
US$ 30.00 (1992) (Chinese and English versions)
Selected papers on recent bamboo research in China
Rao A. N. et al
ISBN 981-00-2618-8
US$ 30.00 (1992) (English version)
Bamboo and its use
Zhu S.L.
(International Symposium on Industrial Use of Bamboo)
US$ 30.00 (1992) (English version)
Catalogue of Chinese bamboo literature (1975 -- 1986)
US$ 20.00 (1991) (English version)
Substitute bamboo for woods in China
(with color photos and Chinese and English versions)
Li W. D. et al
US$ 30.00 (1993)
Thesaurus of bamboo
Han Y. J. et al
US$ 30.00 (1993) with Latin, Chinese and English
Compendium of Chinese Bamboo Species
Zhu. S. L. et al
ISBN 981-00-3435-0 (1994)
US$ 70.00 (English version, 209 color photos and 500 bamboo species, including their feature, use and distribution)
Microstructures of main bamboo species in China
Yao X. S. et al
ISBN 7-80555-644-X (Chinese version)
US$ 30.00 (1993) the species with Latin names
Annual report on substitute bamboo for timber
Zhu. S. L. et al
US$ 30.00 (1994) (English version)

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