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Books on bamboo listed at the
Library of Congress

Craig O’Donnell has done a search of books on bamboo in the catalog of the Library of Congress. The following three text files contain the result of the query. You can download each of the three files and use any text editor or word processor to search. Each entry has a “subject” line so you could search for “pulp” or “fly rod” and find the books where that is contained in the subject line.

In my browser, when I click on one of the files, a new window opens and the file is downloaded and displayed in that window. After the download is complete I can select “Save” from a menu and the file will be saved on disk.

If you aren’t successful using this method, please send me a message (see below) and I’ll try to figure out how else I can make this available. Please describe how it didn’t work.

Text file 1

Text file 2

Text file 3

If you would like to try searching for yourself the Library of Congress has a Web page (of course) and a search for bamboo in the future would probably bring up more citations.

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