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Suggested Bamboo Literature

A list gathered by Marco Piazza. (Thanks, Marco.)

The numerous participants of the discussions groups on the Internet (see here for a list of e-groups) were asked for their favorite bamboo books. Here are the results plus a list of suggested literature. For the beginner the following books represent a valuable source of information for starting to understand the multiple applications and the beauty of bamboo. It was also mentioned that books tend to fail to represent the current understanding of bamboo, therefore the several technical reports and working papers produced by Research Institutions should be consulted for the most recent studies and information on the world of bamboo.

Books on bamboo are available from quite a few ABS members. Have a look the list of suppliers included as part of the ABS Species Source List.

Enjoy the reading!

-----Bamboo Introduction-----

The Book of Bamboo - David Farrelly - Sierra Club Books, 1984. - ISBN 0-87156-825-X.

The Bamboos: a fresh perspective - F. A. McClure - Harvard Press, 1966.

-----For Bamboo Growers-----

Bamboo World: The Growing and Use of Clumping Bamboos - V. Cusack and D. Stewart, 2000 - ISBN: 0743200667

Bamboo on the Farm - Daphne Lewis and Carol Miles, edited by Adam Turtle, 1993. 204 pages, ISBN 978-1-4357-0131-1. Available via, Lulu Press and Chalo Sulky.

-----Bamboo Photographs-----

Bamboo - R. Austin, D. Levy, K. Ueda. - Wheatherhill, 1970. ISBN 0-8348-0048-9.

Bamboos of India: A compendium - K. Seethalakshmi and Muktesh Kumar - Kerala Forest Research Institute and INBAR - 1988. ISBN 81-86247-25-4

-----Building with bamboo-----

Building With Bamboo : A Handbook - Jules A. Janssen - 1995. - ISBN 1853392030

Il 31 Bambus Bamboo (Bamboo as a Building Material) - K. Dunkelberg, Institute of Lightweight Structures, Stuggart - 1985.

-----Other suggested books-----

A Compendium of Chinese Bamboo - Z. Shilin, M. Naixun, F. Maoyi - China Forestry Publishing House, 1994 - ISBN 981-00-3435-0.

American Bamboos - E. J. Judziewicz, L. G. Clark, X. Londoño, M. J. Stern - Smithsonian Institution, 1999. ISBN 1-56098-569-0.

Bamboo Construction Manual - O. H. Lopez

Bamboo, One Hundred Paths to Beauty - Shinji Takama ISBN 4-7661-0528-1

Bamboo, People and The Environment [4 vols.] - INBAR Technical Report #8 - 1996. ISBN 81-86247-15-7.

Bamboo Rediscovered - Victor Cusack - Earth Garden Books, 1997. - ISBN 0-9595889-8-1.

Bamboos - Christine Recht and Max F. Wetterwald - Timber Press, 1992.- ISBN 0-88192-268-4.

Bamboos - Paul Starosta and Yves Crouzt - Evergreen, 1998. - ISBN 3-8228-7759-X.

Bamboos - biology, silvics, properties, utilization - W. Liese - GTZ, 1985 - ISBN 3-88085-273-1.

Bamboos of China - W. Dajun, S. Shao-Jin - Timber Press, 1987 - ISBN 0-88192-074-6.

Bambus - Shinji Takama - Monte van Dumont, 2000. [German] ISBN 3-7701-8577-3.

Chinese Bamboos - Z. Jianfei - Science Press, 1988 - ISBN 0-931146-11-9.

Designing and Building with Bamboo - Jules A. Janssen - INBAR Technical Report #20 ISBN 81-86247-46-7

Grow your own House: Simon Velez and Bamboo Architecture - S. Velez - Chelsea Green Pub Co., 2000 - ISBN 3931936252

Hardy Bamboos for Shoots and Poles - D. Lewis - 1998. - ISBN 0966814207

La Guadua, un material versatil / the versatile bamboo - Dicken Castro - Fundacion para la education superior [Spanish-English], 1985 - ISBN 958-9045-13-8.

Pacific Northwest Bamboo Agro-Forestry Workshop - Proceedings PNW97] - ed. Gib Cooper and Carol A. Miles - Pacific North West Chapter, American Bamboo Society (PNCABS), 1997.

The Bamboos - ed. G. P. Chapman - Linnean Society symposium series no. 19. - Academic Press, 1996 - ISBN 0-12-168555-1.

The Bamboo fences of Japan - O. Suzuki, I. Yoshikawa. - Graphic-sha Publ. Company, 1988 - ISBN 4-7661-0474-9.

The Bamboo Handbook - Durnford L. Dart - ISBN 0 958551405

The Gardener guide to growing temperate bamboos - M. Bell - Timber Press Inc. 2000 - ISBN 0-88192-445-8.

The World of Bamboo - Shinji Takama

Tropical Bamboos - Marcelo Villegas

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